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The backbone of the economy, the industrial sector will be specially serviced by K-Solar to provide alternative energy generation options in-house. K-Solar teams will work with its industrial partners to enable them to reduce energy costs, increase energy independence and as a result, enhance productivity through uninterrupted power supply from the most technologically advanced solar solutions.

Grid-Tied Solar Solution

On-grid or grid-tied solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. An on-grid system will use the energy produced from the solar panels during the day and will switch to the grid electricity during the night. These systems do not need batteries and use solar inverters and are connected to the utility grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the utility grid.

Solar With Genset

Solar with Genset or PV diesel hybrid system. In this system, the diesel generators are used to steadily fill in the gap between the load and the power generated by the PV system. Battery storage can be used to enhance the overall system performance to ensure that the amount of energy meets the demand.

Power Purchase Agreements

PPA/Lease is a model where the solar developer capitalises on installing solar rooftop assets and the generated power is sold to the building owner in favour of a 25-35% lower solar power tariff than utility tariff. The additional power in case of excess generation can be sold to the utility if certain requirements are met.

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