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Providing clean and green energy solutions to its customers.

K-Solar is the solar power solutions subsidiary of K-Electric, a privately owned and vertically integrated power utility that has been the sole power supplier to Karachi and its neighboring areas of Dhabeji and Gharo in Sindh, and Uthal, Vinder, and Bela in Balochistan for over one hundred years.

K-Solar aims to build upon the standards set by its parent company by providing clean and green energy solutions to its customers across the industrial, commercial, and residential segments.


A newly launched company; K-Solar -backed by K-Electric, is an exclusive solar energy services provider to K-town’s residents. We seek to offer affordable electricity by making the most of the solar energy that eventually reduces your cost. K-Solar has the capacity to execute solar energy projects of any scale. K-Solar is delivering turnkey projects, managing operations, and delivering hassle-free service across the city across the country. From large utility scaled installations to residential rooftop projects, from special projects like floating solar plants to Battery Energy Storage System and mini/micro-grids, we do it ALL!

At K-Solar, our core focus is to deliver the latest and most reliable Solar PV technology to our customers ensuring the highest quality in project execution along with safe operations.


With a legacy of over one hundred years behind us, my teams and I at K-Solar will look to build upon the excellent work done by our parent company. K-Solar will work on the premise of taking Karachi, and Pakistan, towards a more sustainable energy future. Over the years, solar energy systems have become more readily accessible, reliable and affordable. It is now a critical element of supporting the nation’s industrial, commercial and residential energy needs. By installing state-of-the-art solar systems, we will also aim to help our customers in reducing their carbon footprints.

Hashim Raza
Chief Executive Officer


To ensure the provision of clean, affordable and intelligent energy solutions to the developing world.


To provide the best in solar technology solutions to our clients and help make clean and reliable energy commonplace in Pakistan.


We understand and embrace our responsibility for the environment. We work together to create an inclusive culture built on trust, respect and dignity for all.


Muhammad Aamir Ghaziani
Muhammad Aamir GhazianiBoard of Director
Muhammad Jameel Haider Khan
Muhammad Jameel Haider Khan Head of Finance
Fahad Ali Daudpota
Fahad Ali DaudpotaVice President Business Operations