The world is moving towards a greener and cleaner energy sources and we are moving with it. With a legacy of over one hundred years behind us, K-Solar is building upon K-Electric’s expertise in providing innovative and competitive power solutions.

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Starting out in Karachi, K-Solar promises convenience, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. To serve its residential customers, K-Solar teams will conduct site surveys and audits of their energy needs in order to recommend the best easy-to-manage solar solutions for them.

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To service the growing commercial sector, comprising banks, retail outlets, educational institutions, healthcare organizations etc., K-Solar will provide sustainable and long-term solar solutions that will allow for seamless function, thereby allowing them to continue their contributions to the economy and society.

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The industrial sector will be specially serviced by K-Solar. K-Solar teams will work with its industrial partners to enable them to reduce energy costs, increase energy independence and as a result, enhance productivity through uninterrupted power supply from the most advanced solar solutions.

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  • Efficient project management

  • Solar EPC Services

  • Solar PPA Services

  • Energy Management System to monitor loads

  • Free consultancy regarding your ideal solar solution

  • Smart solar system monitoring through IoT sensors and mobile application

  • Special Projects (BESS, Mini/Microgrids, Floating Solar, Custom Industrial Solutions)

  • Energy Efficiency Services LEED Consultancy, ISO 50001 Energy audits


Building on KE’s Expertise
  • 100 years of energy experience

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Experienced Project Management and O&M capabilities

Financial Innovation
  • Leveraging relationships to improve financial access to solar systems for our customers

  • Innovative financial products

Unmatched Client Satisfaction
  •  Seamless processes for resolving customer queries/issues

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Dependable organization with economies of scale
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Strong partnership and support
No Consulting Fee from our Solar Experts
  • Expert guidance on how to optimize your solar usage

One-stop Solution for your Solar needs
  • Customized solar solutions created for our customers based on their needs and requirements

K-Solar Smart Energy
Management System

The Energy Management System (EMS) tracks system performance and allows the user to optimise energy usage from the solar panels.

Allows the user to gauge system performance by visualizing the power production of solar modules and state of charge.


We are pleased to be the owners of a Solar Domestic Hot Water System installed by your company. Most modern homes have significant structural differences from our home, which is over 130 years old, but your installation crew worked skillfully around all of the differences and had the system operating in less than three days. Your representatives were courteous, thorough and efficient at every stage of the purchase and installation process, from the initial energy assessment of our home to the final test of the system and clean up. Your sales representative made several very reasonable recommendations for improving our home’s energy efficiency, explained the typical cost and recovery time for each one, and worked with us to come up with a solar hot water system design that fit our budget.

Nouman Chawla, KalSoft

I have to tell you that the installation of the radiant barrier to my attic access area walls and floor to the main attic floor and bonus room office floor went off flawlessly. The installation of the attic solar fan to the rear of my home with the solar panel facing south went off without a hitch. Interestingly, I am writing this letter the day after Earth Day. It’s nice to know that NC Solar Now has helped us to decrease our carbon footprint and hopefully save us some money in the long run.

Anwer Ghouri, Residential User

Use the K-Solar

Proposal Generator

Integrated with
KE Consumer Data

Real-time energy
optimization proposal

Tentative proposal with estimated size of solar system, ROI, and payback calculation

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The NOC has the ability to connect to your Smart Solar System and perform remote diagnostic and repair that should be necessary. And the NOC staff is also available 24/7 to answer any support-related questions you may have about your Smart Solar System. The Network Operations Center never sleeps, so you can sleep easily.

K-Solar Mobile App

You can keep an eye on your Solar System on the go… no matter where you are!

Key Features
  • Remote Access

  • System Oversight

  • Track Savings

  • Performance analysis

  • Report Generation

  • Technical Support